View from the NURNICHTNUR Studios

... years ago Dieter Schlensog started tinkering with chips of tapes from the recordings of his Heinrich Mucken Saalorchester. Out of that developed an 'underground' music production of a special kind: 'NURNICHTNUR' - for sound crazies like string tub virtuosi or friends of prepared turntables. (WDR Cologne)
In 1988 he finally fitted up some reasonable recording studio in Schloss Gnadenthal in Kleve / Lower Rhine and founded NURNICHTNUR art and music production. Since then recordings come about of very different musical styles, some of which get published on his own label Berslton. Mainly you find solo projects that can hardly be classified - somewhere between experimental and new music. (Bad Alchemy)
You have to give this label credit for publishing experimental music on a large scale. Here you can hear that experimentalism reaches its best when the instruments themselves do not persist in hackneyed uses. (My Way)
'Pure noise' is a pointed, ironical and provocative designation but somehow characterizes the framework of NURNICHTNUR art and music production quite precisely: there are soundscapes, noise projects and similar. The word 'music' does not at all appear in this definition. (Neue Zeitschrift für Musik)
'Yes, that's the question: is it music? I think partly it is not music. So at some time or other I chose this notion EXPERIMENTAL SOUND PRODUCTIONS to indicate that it transcends or at least may transcend conventional music'. (Jazzthetik)

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